So, according to this Zone 2 theory, all of these training runs and rides (my HR monitor doesn’t work in the pool) are supposed to teach your body to burn more fat than sugar during your workouts, which is important for your endurance (so you don’t “bonk” as they say). Although your paces start out lower, eventually they are supposed to return to what you consider “your pace” and hopefully even faster. Many things can affect your heart rate for the day, including temperature, humidity, stress, fatigue etc. So far I’ve had a run average 8:50 (solo in cool temps) all the way 10:15 (humid, warm, pushing stroller). Although I don’t expect to see much improvement until fall because increasing temps tend to just slow me down, I’m still interested to keep track as I go.

Monday – Run/Swim.   Run – 9:03/mile. Average HR: 144 Temp: 52 degrees. 30 minute run early morning with Chance. This was one of those runs where I finally felt warmed up 22 minutes in, so that was fun. Swim at lunch – 1800 meters with a combinations of laps and drills. This time we focused on stroke count. At the end I did 500 meters straight in 11:40, which is 30 seconds faster than the last time I did this, but I’ve also been working on kicking further away from the wall before I start my stroke so I am unsure if I’m actually getting faster.

Tuesday – Bike/Run brick. 60 minutes on bike = 16.24 miles. Average 17.2 MPH Average HR 146. Temperature 54 degrees. 30 minute run = 3.35 miles. Average 8:58/mile. Average HR 150. Temperature 59 degrees. It felt warmer than 59 degrees.

Wednesday – Swim/Run. Eaaaaarly morning swim. 1800 meters –  mostly laps and some drills. One set of 8 x50 said 1:00, which I took to mean aim to finish in 1:00. Then 4×100 in 1:45-2:00, and I assumed the same. This meant I was hauling ass to try to finish within the goal time, and as it turns out the goal was more consistency between laps than speed. I ended up doing 6×50 fast and 2 easy, and 2×100 fast and 200 easy. I did hit between 57-59 seconds on the 50’s and hit 2:00 once on the 100’s. Speed work for the run, but since we are doing Zone 2 this meant many easy laps around the track. 45 minutes = 5 miles. Temp 81 degrees. 9:00/mile average. Heart rate and average off a little because I did one lap of speed.  Screenshot_20160501-161236

Thursday – ride/run brick. 28 minute ride (ended early because of a thunderstorm) = 8.41 miles. Average HR 145. Average speed 18.1 MPH. Temp 84. Quick transition to 15 minute run = 1.69 miles. Average HR 148. Speed 8:54/mi Temp 84, but raining, so it felt cooler.

Friday – rest day


Saturday – long run. 60 minute run on the trail with a couple tri friends and the twins. It was HUMID. Spent some of this run in Zone 1, but didn’t care, because it was HUMID. Did I mention it was humid? 5.79 miles. 10:12/mi Average HR 148. Temp: 66 degrees (but it felt like 85, because it was….are you ready? HUMID)

Sunday – long ride. 90 minute ride. 26.43 miles. Average speed 17.6 MPH. Average HR 138. Temp: 72

Total Time: 7 hours 56 minutes, plus 15 minutes of weights.

Training Thoughts: I’ve been surprised to find that I’m not as fatigued workout to workout as I expected. My highest training week for the Olympic last year was 9 hours, and I just remember feeling tired. BUT, I was always PUSHING and made the majority of my workouts high effort. I’m also surprised to find I’m not as anxious to add more speed, but maybe thats because the hours just keep increasing.


5 weeks down….only 25 to go.