I have a weird memory.

I can remember mile splits and training times. I can remember that I  have to buy Valentines for daycare. I can remember every single time Bryan throws his clothes on the floor instead of the laundry room. My family might disagree, but I’m actually good at remembering birthdays. I just don’t remember it when I need to (like 2 weeks early or 3 days late).

Oddly, if I a) write it down or b) tell my phone to  remind me, I generally end up remembering on my own. I’ve used Siri on a number of occasions, particularly when I know I’m already going to have to remember several other things. Generally, they go off without a hitch. I tell Siri to remind me to pack a puzzle tomorrow at 7am and she does. Siri can be a fabulous resource, but like voice texting, she doesn’t always hear me correctly. Also, I sometimes almost always talk too fast, but that can’t possibly be part of the problem.

So sometimes, I get reminders like these:

  • Buy ponco prices and candy (Bunco prizes)
  • Us to buy a card for mom’s birthday
  • Get the pressure best (vest)
  • Call candy doctors (I have no idea but if the doc gives me candy, sign me up)
  • Record doomsday propers (again, no idea)
  • Tell my sister happy birthday (no, this one isn’t messed up, but the fact that I have to remind myself is)
  • Qqe (uh….)
  • Put the asthma pamphlet in my bed (a little light reading)
  • Copy the bison love it cards (bisyllabic)
  • Let Johnson dog out (John’s)
  • Pack the crusty to pick the crusty to pick the crusty crab (WTF?!)
  • Send the twins to school and the jets (in pajamas)
  • Grab the bag of swim (Slim)

If I ever show up to your house with ponco prizes in your bed to pick the crusty crab, well, it’s Siri’s fault.