Since this race is still technically a “maybe”

Monday – long tempo. 11 miles. 1 easy, 10 @ 8:23. Usually I cross train on Monday after a long run Saturday (especially when it’s 20) and my original plan was to do my speed Tuesday and long tempo Thursday, but the weather was calling for a 100% chance of rain Thursday. There was a 100% chance I did NOT want to run 11 tempo miles on a treadmill, so I took a tired leg run outside instead. No, my legs weren’t completely recovered from Saturday, but all in all it wasn’t bad.

Tuesday – cross train. Easy 10 mile ride. It was a warm day and I was done with work early so I took the bike outside. Legs still (understandably) worn out so I didn’t try to push it with this one and took it easy. I wouldn’t have been able to push too much with the headwind anyway. Why is there always a headwind when I’m on my bike? This was after I commented to a friend of mine that it was such a nice day for a ride – too bad I didn’t feel like riding. #liarliarpantsonfire

When I said I didn’t feel like riding, I meant….I lied.

Wednesday – speed work. 3 mile repeats with 400 m recovery. 5 miles total. Weather had been calling for rain Wednesday too but we lucked out and it held off until the evening. A group of us met about a half hour earlier than usual to try to get the workout in before the rain started, so we didn’t get our usual group picture. As luck would have it, it didn’t even start raining until the cool down. AND, my mile splits were faster than written at 7:00, 6:57 and 6:56. Now, if only I could maintain that for a 5k…..

Thursday –cross train. 1600 m swim. I did an easy 550m (sprint distance), a couple drills and then tried to speed up the 550 a second time. I did, but overall it was still slow. Too bad I can’t use flippers in triathlons….

Friday – rest day

Saturday – long run. 15 miles @ 8:32/mile. I was a little nervous about the pace on this one after my hamstrings and calves felt so tight from last week. I found a pair of Pro Compression socks on super sale and bought them, hoping they’d help with my new found calf tightness (it’s always something). They did seem to help. We finished the run on pace, and I did still feel a little more fatigued than I felt like I should have, but it was better than last week, so I think my legs are finally recovering. Just have to push through peak week next week and hope that the taper weeks will be enough to do the trick.

Sunday – active rest day. 50 minutes of yoga. Sometimes you just need a good excuse to stand on your head. 🙂


In all reality, I just felt like I needed it, both physically and emotionally. It was a good choice.

Onto next week!