AKA: The week where my butt didn’t do much. It was a pain in my butt.

Monday–  OFF. still hurting. Pain level is about a 2-3/10 but its enough to bug me and enough that if I try to run it hurts. I go to my chiropractor talking about seeing a sports med doc and I think I see his eye twitch. He assures me I’m in the right place. He does an adjustment, diathermy and ultrasound, asks me a few questions about where it hurts and “does it hurt when you do xyz?” and tells me to come back in  two days.

Tuesday – OFF. Still hurting. Not happy.

Wednesday – OFF. Chiro does a few more tests (does it hurt when I do this?) and decides he thinks its actually my PSOAS that is causing the issue, not my glue or my hip (I had guessed hip). Tries a different adjustment and diathermy again. I get aggravated and take an ibuprofen so I don’t have to think about how frustrated I am. BUT, by the time it wears off, I DON’T HURT.

Thursday – cross train. Easy 1200 meter swim with as much pulling as freestyle, just in case it irritates my whatever is causing the issue. No pain. I deem this a selfie worthy event.


Friday – easy cross train. Bike on trainer for 30 minutes. Chiro does same adjustment as Wednesday, and I also try ART to see if that might possibly help. No pain. Chiro says long runs ok, tempo runs ok, pull back on the speed.

Saturday – Long run. 20 @ 8:38  18 @ 8:45. I woke up stiff and hurting a little which was really frustrating. I decided to give the run a try anyway, but was hurting by mile 8. I take one ibproufen and run 10 more, paying close attention and stopping to stretch often. I know what you’re thinking, but for some reason that is just what I felt I needed to do. By the time I am done, it feels “heavy” but ok, but the anti inflammatory is still working. By the time it wears off, I’m back where I was last weekend. BUT, I did the PSOAS stretch I was given at least 10 times from the time I got home to the time I went to bed (this will be significant later), holding it for a minute each time. I also KT taped the area.

Sunday – cross train. Yoga. Woke up still hurting. Took another ibproufen and did a yoga routine focused on the hip flexors. Did PSOAS stretch about a zillion more times, and by the time it wore off, I was about back to how I felt Wednesday evening. So no, taking medicine to run may not have been the smartest move, but if I hadn’t there is no way I would have stretched so frequently and figured out it was enough to help.

Anyone with ideas on stretching the PSOAS? I’m open to suggestions. At this point, typing this out a few days later, I’m keeping close watch and feel comfortable enough to take it run by run. With a little over two weeks left, I need to get myself to the start line (!!).