The week where my pain in the butt gets bigger, even after I tried to rest. The goal was to cross train only until my tempo run Thursday, which went fine, and then things started to go downhill….

Monday – cross train. Swim 1600m. I did a combination of laps and drills, with one set of 550m (the distance of the sprint triathlon) in 12:41 (goal is as close to 12 min as possible). Kick drills make me realize my hips are horribly weak.

Tuesday – normally my speed work run day, I took it to the pool instead in hopes to give my glute a rest. My workout was 3 mile repeats at 7:02, so after a 400m warmup at a 2:20/100m pace, I decided to aim for 3 sets of 300m at a 2:10/100m pace, or in 6:30. I apparently picked a good goal (or perhaps overshot a little) because I did the sets at 2:10, 2:11 and 2:12. The cruddy part was, my glute actually felt WORSE after this swim workout.

Wednesday – rest day.

Thursday – long tempo. 12.5 miles @ 8:25 (including a warm up mile). I accidentally scheduled to have a TB test read this same morning, so I ran to and from the docs office, which lengthened the run about 1.5 miles. My glute felt a little “heavy” for the first few miles, but then felt fine afterwards.


Friday – rest day

Saturday – long run. 15 miles at 8:27, and this is where the problem started. I got excited that my glute wasn’t bothering me, and didn’t do my usual warm up mile, completing it in 8:25. I felt my glute more than usual through the whole run, but it was never painful, so I figured I’d stretch and epsom salt when I got home. I did, and initially it felt better, but then it started to hurt.

Sunday – cross train. Yoga. I picked a class targeting my hips, and again it felt better afterwords, but still ached the rest of the day, even while walking. I nailed an arm balance though, so I guess that’s a plus.


This is not good. Well, the arm balance is good. But the butt? Not so much.