Hope everyone had a fantastic Turkey Day! Abby did!

Thanksgiving skill level: expert

Monday – cross training. Ride 40 minutes on bike trainer. Normally my swim day, but the pool was closed because of a broken heater.

Tuesday – speed work. 1 mile @7:02, 400m recovery, 2 miles @ 7:12, 800m recovery, 2x 800 @ 6:45, 400m recovery. I was DREADING this one. I looked at this workout at the beginning of the training plan and thought UGH this one is going to suck. I made myself run this on the treadmill because I was afraid i’d slow down outside. The first mile was tough, but the 2 miles (the part I was really dreading) wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Still, I was glad to get it done!

Wednesday – rest day. Didn’t feel right, so I took the day off.

Thursday tempo run. 1 mile easy, 10 miles @ 8:23. I woke up not feeling well that morning, but hoped if I got running it would pass. It didn’t. Strangely, I felt better while running than I did when I stopped, but the run felt SO much harder. I was so glad I had company or else I don’t think I would have been able to keep pace. I got home and felt like I had been stomped on by a herd of elephants, and spent the rest of the day taking ibuprofen and laying on the couch. Happy Thanksgiving. :/

Friday – rest day

Saturday – long run. 15 miles @ 8:43. I felt better but still not quite right Saturday morning. The run felt a little harder than I’d hoped but I chalked it up to not feeling great. Plus, we actually finished with an 8:38 pace, so I guess it couldn’t have been THAT hard. (That’s what she said)


Sunday – recovery run/cross train. I had planned to meet Virginia at her gym to take a yoga class, only to get there and discover they had changed the time for the week. So, we took our mats to a field behind her house and did a you tube yoga video outside, which actually turned out to be more enjoyable I think. After I got home I took the twins for a walk, and Miles asked “mommy run!”. Well, ask and you shall receive little buddy, so we went for an easy 3 miles.

Shavasana – nailed it!

3 more LONG runs then taper time!