I know 5 of you who read this update regularly are just waiting with bated breath for this update, so here it is:

Monday – Rest Day. Usually a cross training day, I decided to take two full days off after the Sweet Tea race to allow my legs to recover. Instead of swimming, I spent the morning at my doctors office getting asthma and allergy med (hate) refills, getting adjusted by the chiropractor and then my personal favorite: a massage. Fortunately, the massage was super relaxing. Unfortunately, it didn’t do a whole ton for my tight muscles.

Tuesday – tempo run. Goal: 1 mile easy/4 miles @ 7:50/ 1 mile easy. Whether it was the fact that I had run out of Singular (and hadn’t yet picked up the script) or just a bad weather day, my sinuses were JERKS and my run suffered. I felt off already on my warm up mile. I hit the first two miles at tempo pace, but not without stopping several times to catch my breath. I felt like I was running a 7:50 mile at a 6:50 effort. I ran the third tempo mile 20 seconds slow, said fuck it and finished the last two easy. My legs were tired, my lungs felt like bricks, and it just seemed smarter to stop while I was ahead (kinda).

Wednesday – speed work. Goal: 6×1200 in 5:10, or a 6:53 pace. 2 min/4 min rest alternating. NAILED IT! And really needed that mentally after yesterdays cruddy tempo run. Split times 5:08, 5:08, 5:08, 5:07, 5:07, 507 (not exactly in that order). We forgot a pic at the track so took one during “recovery”


Thursday – cross train. I kinda blanked on this one. I *think* I rode on the bike trainer for 35 minutes. Or I dreamed it.

Friday – rest day

Saturday – long run. 20 miles with a goal pace of 8:53. After I PR’d the half, I changed my plan (again). My book suggests that my half marathon time can get me a 3:40 marathon, so now I’m following that plan. I’ve done several 20 mile runs before, but most of them were around a 9:30 pace with the exception of the last one. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this pace goal felt doable. It didn’t mean I wasn’t tired at the end, though.


Sunday – cross train/recovery run. I took the twins out for 2 easy miles (9:55 average) to warm up my muscles before I did my 30 minutes of yoga for runners. 🙂

And just like that, we are into the double digits….