2 and a half months to race day!

Monday – cross train.  Swim 1600 meters. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to split up drills vs laps (I really should plan more ahead) so I decided to just try swimming 1 mile straight without stopping. I had some iPod issues (i’ve had to send it back once already and now have to email them again) but otherwise things went pretty smoothly. Slowly (2:34/100m) but smoothly.

Tuesday – tempo run. 1 easy/ 5 tempo. Goal A: 7:50/mi Goal B: 7:59/mi. There was a 39% chance of rain, and you guessed it, it rained. I don’t mind running in the rain all that much but for some reason I just had trouble finding my groove. My legs were also a little tired still from the weekend. The mile warm up was ok but my first tempo mile was quite a bit slower than goal and I just couldn’t get my average up quite enough. 9:31, 8:13, 7:54, 7:55, 7:53, 7:43. At least the last 4 were pretty consistent. Average 7:55/mi

Wednesday – speed work. 2×1200 and 4 x 800 with 2 min rest between each interval. Goal A: 5:10/3:23. Goal B: 5:18/3:28. Last weeks speed work was rough and it was even warmer today, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I KILLED IT. There was a random 50% chance of rain (remember Tuesday?) at 6:00 so my parents watched the twins. The rest of the group did 16×400 so I was solo on this one, but just having other people around is motivation and company enough. 8:49 warm up mile. 1200 (1): 5:07, 1200 (2) 5:05, 800 (1): 3:23 800 (2) 3:23, 800 (3) 3:18, 800 (4) 3:17.

We forgot a group picture. Fail.

Thursday: cross train. 30 minute trainer ride and took the twins for a long walk in the morning before work.

Friday: also known as REST DAY

Saturday: long run. The first of four 20 mile runs on this plan (well 5 but I split the first). I decided to not even try for Goal A on this one and just shoot for B which was 9:20/mile. My longest consecutive was still 16 and I was pretty pooped at the end of it, and we did a 9:23/mi that run. A group of us met at the YMCA and we basically did a 10 mile out and back following the bike bath and then down a main road until we hit 10 and turned around. 2 others turned around at mile 7.5 and three of us did the full 20. It ended slightly slower than goal (9:21/mile) but I felt stronger and between the Plexus and nutrition, I’m finally able to run a long run now without having to visit the bathroom 3 times when I get home (TMI I know).

Aaaaaand we forgot a picture again.

Sunday: cross train – 60 minutes of yoga, where I attempted to do a handstand and failed. Damn things are hard. Abby did some yoga with me at the beginning, but of course she stopped as soon as I stopped to take a picture.

Since I didn’t get any good training pics this week, here is a cute one from Halloween 🙂