This week I booked the hotel for the trip and made preliminary plans! Still have some time though, so lets focus on the training 🙂

After spending a couple weeks trying to figure out which time plan to really follow, I’ve decided to have a “Goal A” and Goal B”. It seems I can hit the faster paces in tempo runs pretty consistently, sometimes in long runs but struggle in the speed work, which I feel like kinda puts me between the 3:40 and 3:45 goal and not really strictly one or the other. Goal A will refer to 3:40 pace goal. Goal B will refer to 3:45 pace goal.

Monday: cross training aka swim day. 1600 meter swim with mostly laps and a couple drills. I think I *might* be getting a *little* faster. I did try a “speed” workout which alternated between slow and fast laps in an up and down ladder fashion. So, 1 fast/1 slow, 2 fast/2 slow, 3 fast/3 slow and back down again. I have no idea how fast the “fast” laps were though because I didn’t stop the watch until the end, and my overall pace was still on the slow side (2:24/100m) so I’m not sure if they were really much faster or not. Next time I’ll have to separate the fast and slow laps and see if the intervals are really intervals.

Tuesday: Tempo Run. 6 miles. 2 easy/3 tempo/1 easy. Tempo goal A: 7:35/mile. Tempo goal B: 7:50/mile. I dropped the twins off at daycare and did a 5 mile loop from there with the additional cool down a half mile up the street and back. Easy miles at 8:52 and 8:32. The tempo is where things always get a little inconsistent. My first mile was 7:38, so too fast for goal B and not bad for goal A. I slowed down mile 2 at 7:41, and picked it up at mile 3 at 7:25, averaging about a 7:35. This one at least the cool down mile didn’t feel super hard and I finished that one at 8:48.

Wednesday: Speed Work. Mile repeats. Goal A: 7:02/mile. Goal B: 7:11/mile. I REALLY didn’t want to push the stroller for mile repeats so my parents watched the twins. I do not like mile repeats. (I do not like them, Sam I am). I programmed the workout in my watch (run 1 mile, rest 1 min repeat 3x) and unfortunately that meant that once the repeat was over I wasn’t sure how fast I had done it because my watch just switches to the screen that says “rest 1:00”. I looked at my watch over the course of the mile several times and it was typically in the 7:10-7:20 range so I felt like I was working really hard and going slower than I’d hoped. Mile 3 I died and had to significantly slow down the last 2 laps. It was a warm day for October (about 79 degrees)  too so that didn’t help. I ended with a 7:07, 7:04 and 7:21, averaging around the 7:11 goal.

Afterward we joined the Fleet Feet runners for an 80’s themed get together. I’m not usually one to dress up but I didn’t have the twins and why not?

My "costume" which consisted of crazy neon socks, pantyhose, my one piece bathing suit and a sweatshirt to go with my crazy hair
My “costume” which consisted of crazy neon socks, pantyhose, my one piece bathing suit and a sweatshirt to go with my crazy hair

Thursday: cross train. Ride 10 miles. This was the first time I had been on my tri bike for a real ride (2x on the trainer) since Kiawah and it was nice to ride it again. Another warm “fall” afternoon and a bit busy traffic wise so just took a short one. I also stopped to take a pic of this house that appeared to have been part of arachnophobia with all the ridiculous amount of web used.

Bike ride observation diaries: fake spider web overkill
Bike ride observation diaries: fake spider web overkill

Friday: rest day!

Saturday: Long Run 15 14 miles. Goal A pace 9:08. Goal B 9:20- this week split in an interesting way, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Plan called for 18 miles, 3 of which I was racing. A friend said this meant I could shorten the long run by 3 miles and still have the same benefits since I was working harder. Whether this is true or not I am not sure but if it made the day easier I was gonna do it. The day looked like this: 1 mile warm up before race, 5k race (recap coming later), 4 miles jogged back (it was a point to point 5k so you could jog back or take a bus), hang out for awards, then 6 miles downtown to finish it out. Except I realized later I can’t count and only did 14. Oops. Honestly if I had realized I had to do 7 I might have quit at 6 anyway. My quads were DONE. I got in the car hurting, but thanks to Plexus, felt MUCH better about an hour later. Overall pace average 8:53 for the 14 miles, which I thought was good considering I’d done less than the 18.

This was advertised as a "fast" 5k course...with 3 hills. Liars.
This was advertised as a “fast” 5k course…with 3 hills. Liars.

Sunday: Long Run part 2/cross training.  I had said if I got all 15 in the day before I was going to let the last 3 go, but since I don’t get many miles logged anyway I threw the the twins in the stroller and we did 3 easy ones (average 9:51/mile) and then I attempted a 35 minute Yoga for Runners video in which I was needed for “hugs”, “color”, “more tickle” and “milk” all in the first 5 minutes. 🙂

Miles reaches his foot out for "more tickle" in the long grass during our run
Miles reaches his foot out for “more tickle” in the long grass during our run

If you missed the post earlier, I’ve decided to dedicate my run this year to Girls with Sole. So far I’ve gotten about 100$ in donations towards the program but would love to see more!