Monday – Tempo Run. Goal: 1 easy/5 @ 8:14/ 1 easy. After being stuck in the house for most of the weekend because of the rain and flooding (though, thankfully we still had a house because many didn’t), I was looking forward to getting out for this run. My splits are still not very consistent. After my first easy mile, I ran the first tempo mile at 7:57 (oops), slowed down the second at 8:24 (ugh too slow), and then decided screw it and ran the last three at 8:10, 8:00 and 7:56  for an average of 8:06 for the tempo portion. Consistency clearly isn’t my strong suit.

Tuesday – spin….kinda. Bryan had to sub so I picked the twins up from day care, took them home to play and eat for a bit and then loaded them into the car with me to the YMCA where I dropped them off at child watch. It was only an hour right? Well, I got 20 minutes into the workout when they came to get me, saying Abby wouldn’t stop crying. So, I took them back home and we went for a long walk.

Wednesday speedwork day. 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 with 200m recovery. Goals with stroller were as follows: 1200 @ 5:46, 1000 @ 4:46, 800 @ 3:47, 600 @ 2:49 and 400 @ 1:51. Not too horrible with consistency here, but a little slower than goal for 3/5 sets, though in my defense, I did have to pass water cups up while I was running on one of them lol. Afterwards we went to a local place to celebrate Amy’s birthday and get recovery drinks. Miles enjoyed pushing the stroller back and forth, further challenging the corn hole players (who swore they didn’t mind) and Abby colored. I caught a cold. Yippee.

Happy Birthday Amy!
Happy Birthday Amy!

Thursday: Trainer Ride – 30 minutes. An attempt to make up for missed time in Tuesday’s spin class 🙂 I may or may not have had tissue stuck up my nose. Can neither confirm nor deny.

Friday: rest day

Saturday: long run. Goal 14 miles @ 9:20. Real goal here is 17 miles but I’m still trying to build up my base and my leg is FINALLY starting to feel back to normal so not going to push it. It was cooler but humid still (ugh). My fellow tri club friend Tammi joined me, and like a doofus I forgot to get a picture if for no other reason than to make this blog more exciting. Fail. Actual pace: 14 @ 9:07

Sunday: Easy run/Yoga. Normally Sunday won’t be an additional run but since my mileage isn’t that high to begin with I’m trying to at least meet as close to the final number as possible. Took the the twins out for 3 (@ 8:51) and then attempted yoga on the porch, then moved to the patio as the twins jumped from activity to activity outside. The neighbors probably thought I was nuts.  They’d be right. Toddlers running amok while mom sneezes on a yoga mat on the front porch – almost sounds like a newspaper headline (though for a pretty boring newspaper).

Onto next week!