It’s still early, but so far I think I like the Run Less Run Faster plan. I like having a goal for each run and a sense of achievement when things feel tedious.

Monday – Run 7 miles tempo. 1 mile easy/5 miles @ 8:35/1 mile easy. It’s almost October, but is still humid like August. At least the temperature is 77 and not 95, so that’s something. I struggled a little with this one because of the humidity but my overall pace for all 7 miles was around 8:36. One of my biggest issues is consistency mile to mile. Sometimes I jump all over the place. 8:34, 8:27, 8:21, 8:27, 8:20 for the tempo portion isn’t horrible, but I’m really trying to stay within 3-5 seconds.

I had my massage Monday and my piriformis was so tight the girl spent the entire hour on it and the back of my legs. Ugh. It felt better but still not gone.

Tuesday: swim 1350 yards. Last day pool within walking distance is open 😦 Boo.

Wednesday: run 4.5 miles. Speed work day. Workout 3×1200 with 400 meter recovery, straight through. My goal time for 1200’s is 5:18, but with the stroller I used a slower pace goal and was shooting for 5:46. I was actually super consistent with this one – 5:47, 5:47, 5:48.

Thursday: Cross training. 45 minutes of yoga and 25 minutes of weights. I haven’t picked up a weight in MONTHS but told myself I was going to start adding it in again. I took it easy and added in some butt/hip exercises to hopefully help this piriformis issue I’m having. The twins kept themselves entertained

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: Long Run. Plan called for 15 miles but since I hadn’t gotten my longest run up above 6 miles I’m starting a little slower. 12 miles @ 9:20 was goal pace. Charleston has gotten INSANE amounts of rain this weekend and Saturday was day 2 of the madness. This meant I had to suffer through 12 miles on a treadmill. I did enlist some company though and that made all the difference.

I’m getting through each run but still having to stop and stretch. I’m foam rolling, icing, stretching, going to the chiropractor and I’m still feeling some discomfort. I feel like I am getting through ok because of the recovery days between but am not sure at this point that I’d be able to make 26 miles. If I can’t get this figured out soon, it might call for some total rest days. ugh.