One race right into another.

I’d really like to improve my speed in the marathon and even qualify for Boston one day, but with my hip/butt issue I really try to keep my running down to 3 days a week. That plan worked well for me last year and I was able to PR by pacing myself well, but in order to really decrease my time I need more focus.

For this race I’m using the “Run Less, Run Faster” plan. It includes three “quality runs” and two days of of cross training. The quality runs are one tempo run (longer run at a set pace faster than goal but slower than speed work), a speed work run and a long run. Each run has specific pace goals and supposedly, if you follow it, you can meet your time goals.

To qualify for Boston I’d need to run in 3 hours and 35 minutes, or 27 minutes faster than my current fastest. Per my most recent 5k times, the book suggests I can shoot for a 3:45, so that’s my goal. If I can do that, next year’s focus will be a BQ.

Since it was the week right after the triathlon I followed the plan more loosely, only doing 2 of the 3 recommended runs.

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 45 minutes of yoga. My muscles tend to be tight anyway but extra bad during races, and my nagging hamstring was still nagging, so I was hoping to loosen up a little.

Wednesday: 4.5 miles – usually speed work Wednesday, this week we took to some hills. Luckily, a couple guys offered to push the stroller up a couple of them so I didn’t have to do them all. The steep ones were killer and I had to stop and walk a bit at the top.

The hills are alive
The hills are alive

Thursday: swim 1200 yards. I’m planning to keep swimming over the winter once a week as it is by far my weakest area in triathlons. Hoping I can gain some speed.

Friday run 4 miles (8:28 pace). I cheated on the long run a bit (and will probably for a few weeks) and split it. The last time I tried to jump too much in the milage I ended up with this hamstring issue and I’d really prefer it go away, not get worse. I was supposed to run 13 miles with a goal pace of 9:05. Obviously I didn’t do great following that here.

Saturday: 9 miles (9:01 pace). The second half of my long run. I had planned to run solo but Miles woke up screaming at 6am so I just fed them breakfast and pushed them. I doubted they’d make it the whole way without getting irritated but they did – making this my longest stroller run. I meant to get a picture, but I forgot. Fail.

Sunday: 50 minutes of yoga/swim 1400 yards. I did a ladder working on speed this time. So 1 lap fast/1 slow, 2 laps fast/ 2 slow, 3 fast/3 slow, 4 fast/4slow and back down again, with 400 yard warm up and 200 yard cool down.