Taper time! Already….?

Sunday: Run 41 minutes (5 miles)/swim 35 minutes (1,400 yards). I had planned to try out another ocean swim, but with an hour drive one way and a friend who backed out I decided to stay home. Whether or not that was a good decision for race day is yet to be determined but it was COOL outside and so I was able to push the stroller at an 8:12/mile pace!

Monday: Swim 40 minutes (1700 meters). Swam 1100 meters straight (race is 1125) and then did some drills. I’m still slow but I honestly feel like my form is getting better.

Tuesday: Ride 51 minutes (16 miles). I joined the group ride and cut out early.

Wednesday: Run 24 minutes (3 miles). It was a local running store’s first Pub Run. Usually Wednesday is speed work day but as a group we decided to participate in this instead. Of course, the twins came along. It was a 3 mile run around downtown Summerville, followed by a drink. Who can say no to that?


Thursday: Swim 25 minutes (1250 yards). My official final training workout. It felt a little weird to complete, to be honest.

The final workout is complete
The final workout is complete

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Rest day (walk with twins)

The nice thing about taper week is it freed up more time in my schedule to start taking the twins for walks again (the cooler weather helped too). The walking also helped tamper the “taper crazies” by allowing me to move without fatiguing my muscles too much.

So, for real now, training is officially over, and race day is TOMORROW.

I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.



Swim: 62 minutes/ (100 minutes)

Ride: 125 minutes/ (51 minutes)

Run: 23 minutes/ (65 minutes)

210 minutes/ (216 minutes)