Race day is one week away. I am beginning to feel this mixture of excitement and nerves.

Thanks to steroids and antibiotics, I was FINALLY able to get over that cough I had for a week and a half. Unfortunately, Bryan is still fighting it, and Miles appears to be sick too. Ugh. This happened the last time I had a big race coming up, the Myrtle Beach Marathon. There, I was able to avoid the stomach bug Miles had for the race, and promptly came down with it the day after. Here’s hoping I’ve already had my turn this time.

Sunday: ride 2 hours 8 minutes (40 miles)/run 15:30 (2 miles). One last long group ride. This ride wasn’t my strongest but it went fairly well. I ended up doing half as a group and half solo, so I could try to gauge how fast I’d be able to go on race day. Afterwards I made a last minute decision to lace up my shoes and run a couple miles, and I was really glad I did. I ran two really strong miles that were both under an 8 minute mile pace!

Monday: run 30 minutes (3.25 miles)/swim 35 minutes (1200 yards). I took Chance on the run with me – one downside of fall coming is its still dark at 6:30, and then dropped him back home and swam some laps, still working on my overall form and bilateral breathing.

Tuesday: run 40 minutes (4.6 miles)/swim 20 minutes (900 yards). I did this workout in the evening. It was humid, but it must be getting a little better weather wise because I’m starting to see an decrease in my overall average pace FINALLY! I thought the day would never come.

Wednesday: run 45 minutes (4.8 miles and a walk cool down). Speed work day! There was a middle school football scrimmage game at the track so we had to change the work out and take it to the road next to the track. This road has a hill. We did 8×600 with 1:30 rest in between. A couple friends traded off pushing the stroller for me this time, which I appreciated in particular because of this hill. My pace was kinda everywhere because of it but I had one solo segment at a 6:55 average.

Thursday: ride 50 minutes (16 miles)/swim 30 minutes (1300 yards). I had originally planned to join the group ride but had the time in the morning to do the workout solo so I did that instead so I could be home after work. Plus, I needed a scenery change ride wise.

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: run 45 minutes (5.5 miles). I was finally able to exchange the birthday shoes I got (they were giving me a blister 😦 ) and decided to try a pair of Mizuno’s, which I got to take on a test run. Good news – no blisters, and a 8:17/mile average! Double win!



Swim: 109 minutes/ (81 minutes)

Ride: 158 minutes/ (180 minutes)

Run: 180 minutes/ (175 minutes)

The final week is taper week. In my opinion, for all intents and purposes, my training is over – this last week coming up is mostly maintenance.

The big day is soon!