This week was supposed to be my peak training week, but instead I’m renaming it fail week.

Sunday – unplanned rest day. I woke up at 3am with a stomachache that hung around all day. I never actually got sick but I sure didn’t feel well. I did watch quite a few episodes of Parenthood, so there’s that.

Monday – ride 30 minutes. I actually still felt cruddy and ended up taking the day off. By the end of the day I had started to feel like myself again so I did an easy trainer ride for a half hour. I watched a lot more Parenthood.

Tuesday – run 49 minutes (5.8 miles)/ride 80 minutes (24 miles). I got up and took chance for a run in the morning (hamstring felt ok yay!) and then joined the group ride in the evening. I’m trying to gauge how fast I’m going to be able to go solo on race day so tried not to draft for most of the ride. Man, drafting is so much easier. I’m coughing but I figure its just an allergy flare up.

Wednesday – swim 35 minutes (1250 yards) run 43 minutes (4.8 miles). Speed work day! Today’s run was 3 sets of 4×400 with 1 minute rest between each 400 and 3 minutes between each set. I managed a 7:30-7:50 average pushing the stroller and I was more than happy with that, but my hamstring started acting up towards the end (ugh). Still coughing.

my kids aren't headless this week!
my kids aren’t headless this week!

Thursday yoga 60 minutes/swim 38 minutes (1400yards). By this point the sinuses and coughing I’d been fighting all week has started to feel worse. Coughing all week and an upset hamstring made me think I should try to get some yoga in even though it’s not part of my swim/bike/run plan. Oh man I could tell I hadn’t done yoga in awhile. The evening was a big one : my first ocean swim. I wanted to get some pictures but didn’t want my phone stolen and left it in the car. Luckily, the guy I swam with was super patient as ocean swimming so SO MUCH different – especially because the water was pretty choppy and had pretty consistent rolling waves. At some points I felt like I was trying to swim in a bounce castle. I gulped a few mouthfuls of salt water (ugh) and stopped to tread water a few times the first half while I was trying to get my bearings, not lose the other swimmer and make sure I wasn’t going too far offshore. The second half went more smoothly but overall it was still SLOW. Luckily, I’ve been told  that the likelihood of Kiawah being that choppy is slim, so here’s hoping it’ll be a little easier. Still, I think I’m going to have to lower my swim time expectation a little. BUT I’M ALIVE!

Friday: swim 35 minutes (1250 yards). Still trying to figure out this whole bilateral breathing thing. Still sucking at it. Still coughing.

Saturday: yoga 35 minutes. By the time we put the twins to bed Friday I had a low grade fever. After hacking and coughing for a week (worse at night than the day luckily)  that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had hoped to fit a long run in but I spent the morning at Doctors Care instead. A steroid shot and some scripts later, here’s hoping I’m finally back on the path to health. I did some easy yoga for runners to try to work on the tight muscles from all the coughing.



Swim: 128 minutes/(108 minutes)

Ride: 248 minutes/(110 minutes)

Run: 180 minutes/(95 minutes)

+ 95 minutes yoga

556 minutes/(408 minutes)

And I survived an ocean swim!!!