10 tips for your next run with twins.

Tip #1: Pack Snacks

Don’t be stingy either. Pack more snacks than you think you’d ever need. When I take them to speed work, I take an entire (albeit small) cooler. Don’t just pack what they’ve liked for the last week because when you’re on mile 3 is when they’ll decide that they no longer accept crackers. Case in point, both Miles and Abby love dum dum suckers (aka P Pops), but I gave them one last night and Miles, who is always the one that is SUPER excited, randomly declares “all done p pop”. Of course. You might also want to try to pack things you’d find mentally acceptable for an entire meal, because that’s generally what it becomes. Let’s not talk about the time dinner was an entire roll of Ritz crackers….not that last night was much better (veggie straws, almonds and squeeze applesauce).

Tip #2: Run a Little Faster

Built in intervals. When a toddler starts to whine, just push faster! This will usually elicit a “weeeee!” Sometimes it works to just stop for a sec until they whine and then go again, because moving is faster than not moving.

Tip #3: Fast Reflexes

Drinks are great to occupy toddlers, but I’ve found that when they are done with them, they were done, like, yesterday. So figure out how to maneuver to the side, WHILE RUNNING, and grab said cup before the sixth chorus of “all done” and the cup is released to the ground. Not a huge deal if you’re running solo and wanted a break anyway. A bigger deal if you’re running in a group, someone trips over said cup and you’re banned from then forward.

Tip #4: Steering

This one is more for group runs, but make sure you know how to steer the stroller, and don’t get lazy about it. Friends don’t like it when you clip their heels or nearly run them off the track. (Sorry Lisa!)

Tip #5: Prepare for Pictures

Aka: make sure the visors are up for group pictures so your toddlers don’t look headless.

My kids are headless
My kids are headless
Tip #6: Music

Really you should just have music with or without toddlers, but it is pretty entertaining to hear “Abby! Dance!” and watch feet bob up and down.

Tip #7: Be Prepared to Quit Early, or Endure the Wrath

Always always go into a stroller run with the mindset that you might not get to finish what you set out to finish. I’ve been lucky,  particularly with speed work that they start to melt down right around the time we are finishing up, but I’ve had runs where total meltdowns happened. Usually then I’m at a point where its closer for me to finish the run than it is to turn around, so I just get to listen to screaming with my music and pretend we are at a rock concert or something. WOOOOOOOOO!!

Tip #8: Shoes

Not your toes – the toddlers shoes. Make sure they aren’t easy to take off. See “fast reflexes”

Tip #9: Avoid Hills

Seriously, just don’t do it. Weight of toddlers + weight of stroller + hill? No.

Tip #10: Smile

Because people will stare at you like you’re nuts. It’s ok though, because you can probably outrun them. 🙂

SMILE?!? Give us snacks!