Yeah, so I couldn’t just quit with the updates altogether. Facebook so nicely provides me with “memories” from the past few years and I’ve found myself clicking and reading some of the old blog posts from when the twins were 2 weeks, 2 months, 15 months old, and it is really nice to have that to look back to when it feels like time is quite literally flying by. Parents are posting pictures of the first day of school and all I can think is if I blink too many times, they’ll be in kindergarten.

SO much has changed in the last few months. Their language has just exploded (which of course makes me as an SLP very happy) and they come up with new things they knew every day that I had no idea they knew. They both recognize all of their letters, numbers 1-10, colors and shapes. They love “school” (daycare). Miles now knows what the pool is, which could potentially cause a bit of trouble :). We’ve attempted some potty training and Abby will comment “pee pee potty”, but when I put her on it, nothing happens. We’ve taken down the baby gates because they’ve more than mastered the stairs, and Miles transitioned to a toddler bed a couple moths ago when he started climbing out of it. Abby still seems happy in her crib for now and when I go in to get them I often find a myriad of toys stuck in through the crib slats by none other than Miles.

They aren’t often separated, and even when they are, Miles is constantly searching or calling for Abby. “Abby, com’ere!” Abby is still a huge fan of herself. I really think I need to get her in some dance classes. I’ve also been told she’s learned to swear (oops) and Miles enjoys telling Charlie to “hush”. They are excited to brush their teeth, though at this point it basically means sucking the toothpaste off the brush and declaring they are done. They also enjoy washing their hands, but again this basically means playing in the sink until I turn the faucet off. It’s a start.

We have our share of tantrums in the house, and try to take them in stride whenever possible. Mostly, it’s been a whole lot of fun watching these two become little people, particularly when they have their own conversations, which I swear is some mixture of gibberish (though it seems to make sense to them) and actual English. Having twins is really cool at this age because they always have a buddy, and aren’t old enough to start the whole “MOM, SHE’S LOOKING AT ME!!!”  phase yet. Food wise, well, they are toddlers. We’ve had dinners that consisted of yogurt and a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter. Though, in their defense, breakfast has always been their biggest meal. They won’t even look at a vegetable here, but eat them at daycare. What is the deal with that?

My parents moved down at the beginning of the summer and having them around has been really great. It didn’t take long for either one to catch on to “geema” and “geepa” (at this point the names are interchangeable), and both twins ask for them regularly. They especially enjoy when gma puts them to bed, probably because she lets them stay up later by providing several rounds of “this little piggie”. 🙂 They also enjoy their snacks, but who wouldn’t because they have a whole cupboard full.

It’s tough to condense 3 months of pictures into one post, but here goes nothing:

  • We take a short family hike
  • And a LONG overdue trip to the beach

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  • Abby decides swim suits are for babies
Bathing suit? What's a bathing suit?
Bathing suit? What’s a bathing suit?
  • Miles takes the dog for a walk
Hi! I walk dogs
Hi! I walk dogs
  • We watch a triathlon…..kinda
  • Abby is definitely my daughter 😉
I want to run faster!
I want to run faster! Actually, no, I want you to push me faster!
  • They enjoy a snack
Who needs a bowl when you have the whole box?
Who needs a bowl when you have the whole box?
  • Miles and I take selfies
The many faces of mommy and Miles
The many faces of mommy and Miles
  • We take a trip to the Children’s Museum

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Can’t wait to see what the next 3 months bring.