Yikes only 4 weeks to go. And I figured that if I’m going to do this I should probably actually register for it, so I did that too. Ha.

It was also a cutback week. THANK GOODNESS. For whatever reason, I start to feel burnt out with training around this time and for whatever reason start to question whether I can really do what it is I’m training for. I needed the mental AND physical break this week.

Sunday: Ride 94 minutes (30 miles). Not much to say about this one. Pretty straight forward 🙂

Monday: Swim 38 minutes (1600 meters). I attempted a speed work type swim and it was pretty much an epic fail. My goal was to beat my fastest 50m (55 seconds) by 2-3 seconds and then swim 100 in 2:05 and 2:10 with short rests in between. Repeat 3x. Well, my first attempt at 50 meters was actually 58 seconds, and my 100’s were 2:10 and 2:15. Fail. I did a 200 meter “warm down” and then attempted it again but it was worse. This time my 50m was over a minute and my 100 was 2:15 and 2:12. I decided to skip the last set, take it easy, and attempt it again another day. On the plus side, my speeds were at least faster than “comfortable” (about 2:30/100m) so I was technically doing speed work.

Tuesday:  REST DAY! We had a pre-birthday birthday dinner.

The tiny human demands cake
The tiny human demands cake

Wednesday: swim 34 minutes (1400 yards) and run 42 minutes (4.75 miles). I attempted a bilateral breathing drill workout. It was harder than it looked.

Don't try this at home....try it at a pool ;)
Don’t try this at home….try it at a pool 😉

I took the day off Wednesday for my birthday and had kind of a self pampering day. Massage, pedicure, lunch with Bryan. He told me to go buy myself something nice, so I bought new running shoes. 🙂 I had planned to take the twins to speed work with me but it looked like rain so my parents picked them up. The solo run was nice, admittedly. This weeks’ workout was 6×800 at 5k pace. I shot for a little faster than 5k and did so on 5/6 of the sets.

The "Virginia-fie"
The “Virginia-fie”

Thursday: Ride 50 minutes (spin class). I needed a break from the usual. It was a nice break.

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: Run 20 minutes (2.3 miles) and swim 25 minutes (1150 yards). I attempted a swim with a wetsuit in case I decide to go for one in the ocean. It was…interesting. Not too constricting and definitely made me faster, but just felt warm in the already overly warm water.



Swim: 101 minutes/ (101 minutes)

Ride: 136 minutes/ (136 minutes)

Run: 67 minutes/ (67 minutes)

Next Week is going to be a rough one as it’s another 8 hour training week. How do people training for half and full ironman’s do it??