Eek 5 weeks to go. This week was the highest number of hours (a little over 8) that I’ve completed so far. I was honestly really relieved when Saturday’s run was over because next week is a recovery week! Actually, what is it called anyway? A taper week? (I called it that and someone asked what race I was tapering for) Recovery week? Step back week? Whatever it is, I’m glad for one.

Sunday – Swim 20 minutes, Ride 50 minutes and run 25 minutes. It was the final sprint triathlon so those times included warm up.

And all my friends say I'm pretty fly with my inhaler
And all my friends say I’m pretty fly with my inhaler

Monday – Run 27 minutes (3ish miles) with Chance early in the morning and a 40 minute swim (1500 meters) around lunchtime. I’m still working on bilateral breathing and was tired from the race so focused on that this time around. I’m still doing a 2:1 ratio (2 breaths on right to 1 on left) and stopping briefly at the end of the pool but progress is being made.

Tuesday – Group ride/run. Ride 80 minutes (24.5 miles) and run 15 min (1.8 miles). I still felt like I was recovering from Sunday so it just felt hard. I think. I can’t really remember this one. (HA)

Wednesday – Swim 30 minutes (1200 yards) in the morning and run 40 minutes (4.8 miles) with the speedwork group in the evening. I brought the twins along with me again this week. Let me tell you – running with a stroller, and attempting to run fast – is not easy. This weeks workout (with warm up and cool down) was 3 sets of 8×200 at 10-15 seconds faster than 5k pace with 30 seconds rest between each 200 and 3 minutes rest between each set. My “stroller” 5k pace is about an  8:05, so I aimed for 7:45-7:50. I’m horrible at pacing myself. My first mile average was 6:57 (uhh), the second was 7:56 and the third was 7:18. I was all over the place, though at least consistent each mile I suppose.

My kids are headless
My kids are headless

Thursday– group ride/run. Ride 75 min (23 miles) and run 26 minutes (3 miles). THIS one felt hard, because my quads were still yelling at me from spadework the night before. Also, I counted walking to the run start in my time and gave myself 30 minutes 🙂

Friday – REST DAY

Saturday – I had planned a swim/run but decided to do just a run. Run 53 minutes (6 miles) with a couple minute walk cool down. Legs still hated me. Make mental note to stretch more. I ended up a bit short overall but we walked around a lot with the twins so that counts.


Planned/(Actual) – adjusted a bit but overall time still the same

Swim: 120 minutes/ (90 minutes)

Bike: 226 minutes/ (205 minutes)

Run: 160 minutes/ (192 minutes)

Total: 504 (487)