No, I’m not on one.

About 4-5 years ago my battle with my allergies started. Every year they get worse. This year, I’m on 4 different medications to manage them and my asthma. In fact, they were the reason why I started Plexus in the first place. Unfortunately at this point I am still battling with them. I’ve seen some difference (don’t need allergy pill EVERY day, don’t need daily inhaler 2x a day EVERY day) but wanted to see if there might be a way to jump start a faster recovery, if possible). I still love Plexus products, and I’m going to continue to be an ambassador. I no longer fight sugar cravings or crashes and really like the athletic benefit especially when I’m working out 2 times a day training for the Olympic Distance Triathlon. I don’t know why, but I just feel like this is the path I’m supposed to be taking, and I’ve seen so many others share their benefits that I’m still going to share. The almost 6 pack abs help too.

Still, I added another avenue. Bryan works with a teacher whose wife is an herbalist, so I went to see her to see if she had any additional suggestions. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t entirely surprised to hear that she suggested a gluten and wheat free diet. Oh, and dairy free.

Wheat and dairy are staples of my diet. I’m definitely more an eater of convenience. I don’t like to cook, and I’m often home just in time for dinner so I like things quick, which means a lot of carbs. It turns out, to my dismay, that wheat can cause allergies, and dairy increases the production of mucous. And actually, I’ve started to notice, for example, that if I eat cereal for dinner or lots of carbs that day, I’m bloated (not as much as before, but still some) by the end of the day.


This kind of change is a whole new ballgame for me, and I feel like I’m going in totally unprepared. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this all at once, so I’m going for the larger items first: almond milk, rye or ezekiel bread, rice crackers (because I love crackers), hummus instead of ranch dressing, more veggies, etc. I don’t know if it’ll help, but its worth a shot. I don’t honestly know if I’m going to be able to go FREE, but I can at least greatly reduce. (I mean, chick fil a, and cereal)

Any suggestions are welcomed. (HELP)