Sunday – RACE DAY! If you missed it, you can read the recap here. Including warm ups, it was 20m swim, 50m bike (16 miles) and 23m (5k) run.

I win! (not really)
I win! (not really)

Monday – Swim 58 minutes (2200 meters or about 1.5 miles). Swimming for an hour feels like a LONG TIME. I was really glad to have my waterproof IPOD on for this one. I swam a warm up, a couple intervals so a friend can help me write a plan to swim faster, 1200 straight meters and then a couple drills. I was pooped after that, and next weeks’ is longer so that ought to be interesting.

Tuesday – Ride/run 58 minutes. We practiced transitions. It was a 1.8 mile ride and .5 mile run, transitioning between the two a total of 6 times. My transitions are still slow. It takes me forever to get clipped in still.

You can't, however, miss my bright orange butt
You can’t, however, miss my bright orange butt

Wednesday: Run 40 minutes. Speed work day! 1 mile warm up and cool down, with 4×1200 intervals. It was supposed to be 5, but I pooped at 4. The first 400 @ 5k pace and then immediately into the 800 @10k pace. It was hot, and my times got slower. Is it fall yet? PLEASE?!

The famous Kendall selfie
The famous Kendall selfie

Thursday – swim 30 minutes (1325 yards)/ride 88 minutes (24.5 miles)/run 16 minutes(1.75 miles). I swam in our neighborhood pool in the morning and then joined the group ride/run, though I cut the run in half.

Friday – REST DAY!

Saturday:  Swim 30 minutes (1325 yards) and run 15 min with the twins.

TOTALS planned (actual) – minutes became easier to track than hours and minutes

Swim: 139 minutes (138 minutes)

Ride: 187 minutes (166 minutes)

Run: 93 minutes (105 minutes)

Next Week:

Swim: 153 minutes

Ride: 205 minutes

Run: 102 minutes