Only one week into officially following and plan and wondering if choosing the “swim heavy” was a smart move. 🙂

Sunday – bike 2 hours 40 minutes. My first 50 mile ride! I wasn’t sure going into it how far I’d be able to go. I was relieved I had already planned to take 2 days off prior to this because my legs were STILL sore from the Track Meet I did Thursday. As it turned out, though, I felt pretty good. I kept the pace a little slower and didn’t push too much for fear of injuring myself but I had  a great ride and had great company!


Monday: swim 53 minutes. It ended up being 1900 meters and man my shoulders were DONE. By the last hundred meters or so I was ready for you to put a fork in me.

Tuesday: mini brick. Run 13 minutes/Swim 17 minutes. Total 1.57 miles and 750 yards.

Wednesday: Run 40 minutes. Total 4.5 miles. My speed in the summer sucks. I feel like I’m running in a sauna. Ugh. I  had to stop at least 4 times because I was feeling somewhat overheated and I was carrying water with  me. Is it fall yet? Today I also officially get the call that they want to schedule LASIK for Friday, so I do it with my fingers crossed.

Thursday: Swim 25 minutes or 1100 yards. I’m also supposed to ride 16 minutes to make up the rest of my time, but I got asked to play a softball game so decided to do that instead. Except, I pulled my quad muscle running to first base. Nice.

Friday: Ride 30 minutes (trainer) and swim 30 minutes or 1200 yards. Usually Fridays are my rest day, but since no one called to cancel LASIK this time (miracle!) I stuck my last workout in the morning beforehand. I was actually supposed to swim/run, but after messing up my quad the night before I decided not to risk it and hopped on the bike instead. I don’t have a speedometer attached to the trainer or my watch yet so I just guess how far I went.

I did get my LASIK done!

like my snazzy new sleep eye wear?
like my snazzy new sleep eye wear?


Saturday: OFF

Totals (Expected)/Actual

Swim: (2 hours 7 minutes)/ 2 hours 7 minutes – 2.23 miles

Bike: (2 hours 51 minutes)/ 3 hours 10 minutes – 59 miles

Run: (1 hour 25 minutes)/ 53 minutes – 6.07 miles

Next Week:

Swim: 1:44

Bike: 3:07

Run: 1:33

Except I can’t swim for two weeks, so that swim time is being distributed to the swim/bike somehow.