Sarah, an hold high school friend of mine, is a mom to 2 young boys. Her stories are what originally got me interested in the concept of Plexus, and I wanted to share her success. Posting these kind of blogs isn’t normally what I like to do – I don’t want to come across as pushy or like I’m just trying to sell something. But, I’m finding that the more experience I have and the more I read success stories like hers (and others!) I want to share in hopes someone might see it and realize maybe Plexus can help him/her.
After having my second son I had put on a significant amount of weight. Two pregnancies in a short period of time didn’t leave time to lose the weight from the first before the second was making an appearance! I was confident I could get the weight off, as I’d been thin up until my pregnancies, but I had gotten lax about my eating habits while nursing (it burns calories!) and then started gaining again when my youngest was about one. Eeeek!
I had other frustrating issues too…taking an hour or more to fall asleep each night, being fatigued during the day, losing hair, and (risking TMI here) my ‘lady days’ had become horrendous. I had painful cramping, ridiculous bleeding and 10-day periods! In addition, I was craving/eating too much sugar and food, although my body wasn’t metabolizing like it used to. One day after discovering that a dress I’d bought just a few weeks earlier suddenly was getting too tight, I decided to jump on board and try out this “pink drink” stuff.

What is “pink drink”, you ask? Good question 😀

Plexus Slim is a pink drink mix that helps regulate your blood insulin levels throughout the day for a more sustained energy level all day long. Do a quick Google search on “blood insulin resistance symptoms” and you will see the havoc it can wreak on your body. Slim (as the “pink drink” is named) was the only product I used for the first four months. Within the first couple weeks I felt like I was going through a “reset”, and I was falling asleep quicker…within 5-10 minutes! WHOA! That alone was worth it!  Then, my sugar cravings and afternoon crashes diminished and have continued to improve over time!

Slowly, I added other products I felt my body would benefit from (ProBio5, BioCleanse, and eventually XFactor vitamins) and noticed more health victories like: 
-More restful sleep (even when woken up by a child in the night!)
-My need for thyroid meds declining (and is now non-existent!)
-Much-improved ‘lady days’ (they’re now near painless, 3-4 days, and very normal-to-light in flow)
-Fewer mood swings
-Less neck and joint pain and inflammation (from a bulging disc and carpal tunnel)
-Adult acne greatly improved and cystic acne pretty much gone!
-NAILS! I’ve always had decent nails, but they’re a lot stronger and grow better
-MORE ENERGY! (because of balanced blood sugar and hormones!)
-Better able to cope with stress and anxiety
-Much-improved gut health (which boost immune system, helps with tummy/digestive troubles, and keeping stuff movin’ on out….)
-Seasonal allergies are all but gone (this has taken time. I used to eat Allergra on a daily basis to cope.)
-Baby weight gone! 😀
I could go on and on, really…..but that’s a pretty good list of what I’ve been experiencing so far!

At the same time I was starting to have success with the product, my good friend Sarah was just starting her Plexus business. She has three children, was looking to stay home with them, pay for her family’s products and earn extra cash. I watched her for a few months, occasionally asked questions, watched people posting about paying their mortgage with their Plexus check, and eventually decided I might try Plexus as a business. Now, I’m seven months in with a growing team of my own and contributing significantly to our family’s finances (including covering my own product costs!).
I was a Plexus skeptic! It took me a good 6 months to even think I might possibly need a product from “one of those weight loss pyramid thingies” (turns out I had a misunderstand of ‘pyramid thingies’- Plexus is NOT one of them! and also of the Plexus products! They’re SO MUCH MORE THAN WEIGHT LOSS!)…and it was only after I saw my friend Charlotte posting about her thyroid situation improving and no longer needing her medications (confirmed by tests and advice from her doctor!), that I even paid a whole lot of attention. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my biggest regret would be not getting on board sooner! 
This business has been such a blessing to my family and me, and I have been able to meet many new friends through it that I never would have met otherwise. We’re all getting paid to get healthy and help others do the same! It’s also enabled my family to begin rebuilding financially and is giving my husband the leeway he needs to find his preferred professional position instead of having to take just whatever he can get. I’ve been tremendously blessed by my customers and fellow team members….watching them have successes, grow, find health & financial freedom is so rewarding. Knowing I had a part to play in it- WOW. So humbling. I am so thankful for this accidental business that has become the opportunity of a lifetime.
Plexus is easy to use and making a difference in the health of men, women, children, old and young, people just getting on the healthy train and fitness professionals and athletes who are  already rockin’ it. 

And here is the best part – Plexus is great for athletes too.


As a gift to Theresa’s fantastic readers, I’m doing a drawing for a 7-Day Plexus Slim trial! All you need to do is share this blog post on your social media outlet (personal Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram) and post the link in the comments of this post! All who do will be entered into the drawing and I will draw the winner on Wednesday July 15.

As I mentioned before, I’ve decided to become a Plexus Ambassador. We have a deal going on right now that if you’re interested and can commit to a three month trial (however if you’re unhappy at the end of  60 days you can get your money back), I will throw in one month of an additional product that peaks your interest. So, if you goal is weight loss and would be willing to commit to the Tri Plex (slim, probio – probiodic and cleanse) and the accelerator interests you also I will throw in one month for free. You’ll also get to order at a lower cost. Or, if you’re just looking to feel better – more energy, less pain, migraines, you might try the Tri Plex with the X Factor Vitamins. You’ll also be added to a Facebook group with lots of prizes and giveaways.

If you’re interested, you can comment below, email me (theresajpowers@gmailDOTcom) or visit my website at 

I promise that my blog isn’t going to become a shrine to Plexus. More workout updates and funny twin posts to come 🙂