Last year I tried (tri, see what I did there?) my hand at a couple sprint distance triathlons. As I was always primarily a runner, I’d never taken a swimming lesson and the only bike I had was a “hybrid” which was basically a mountain bike. Still, even though I didn’t swim “right” (freestyle is the stroke typically used) and got passed by just about every bike out there, I was hooked.

You can read my recaps here, and here.

Over the winter, I bought a triathlon bike. Starting in March, I got a friend to help me swim (it made a HUGE difference). So this year, I’m stepping up my game a little, and spending the summer training for an Olympic distance. The one I picked is a .7 mile ( a little more than 1100 meters) swim, a 25 mile bike and a 10k.

And because I like to blog and document these things, everyone gets to read (or ignore) another set of weekly training recaps! Fun!

I cheated a bit this week because I was supposed to have LASIK surgery (which if you follow me on Facebook got canceled TWICE) and set it from Saturday to Saturday instead of Sunday to Sunday. I’m following a 16 week swim heavy plan from Beginner Triathlete, but I’m starting at week 5 because I felt comfortable enough with my base to jump in a little later. These plans are a little different from what I’m used to following, which sets workouts by miles. This one uses time.

So here we go. I did a lot more swimming this week because I thought I was going to have to take two weeks off post LASIK.

Saturday: 45 mile ride (2 hours 22 minutes). Lesson learned on this ride – just commit to the 50 miles at the beginning or risk getting left behind. I didn’t quite jump in fast enough after a break and lost the 50 mile group, but was going faster than the girl who was doing 5 and turning around, and got stuck alone in the middle. Then I overestimated how far I needed to go before turning around and ultimately ended up riding 20 miles alone. The effort used to ride 20 alone I am sure was more than if I’d just done 25 with the group. You live, you learn. 🙂

Sunday: 32 minute swim, 30 minute (slow) run with the stroller.

Monday: 48 minute swim – 1200 meters without stopping. I hate sharing lanes, but only because I get paranoid about hitting someone and so end up hitting the wall instead.

Tuesday: 34 minute swim – I did a few intervals, but my asthma was acting up so they didn’t go well.

Wednesday: 42 minute run – asthma sucked again. Run sucked again.

Thursday: 15 minute run – sounds odd, but I participated in track meet against a couple local speed work teams. I actually game in 3rd place in the 400 meter (1:16) and WON the 200 meter (:34)! This was particularly surprising after 14 days straight working out (blame the LASIK cancelations) but I drank my Plexus (update on that coming) to keep hydrated and felt great – at least up until the last 400 when my legs died. 🙂

We are standing here, but we really did run
We are standing here, but we really did run

Friday/Saturday: rest

Week Totals

Swim: 114 minutes swimming, 2 hours 22 minutes biking, 57 minutes running.

Next Weeks Goals

Swim:2 hours 7 minutes

Bike: 2 hours 51 minutes

Run: 1 hour 25 minutes

Here we go!