So much can change in just a few years.

Three years ago we into our third year of infertility. It isn’t that I wasn’t enjoying my life, but something was missing, and infertility meant that I could never be sure I’d get the chance to fill the space.

Two years ago, after our successful IVF cycle and a somewhat high anxiety pregnancy (not because of complications as much as worry), two healthy babies joined our family.

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Last year, we celebrated their first birthday, having survived twin infancy intact!

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Today is the twins’ second birthday. I chuckled at people that said time goes by so fast, but it does. Holy cow it does. And how different they are from just a year ago. How much they are like little people.

I took the day off and we spent it together. First, they had a doctors appointment and that part was not so fun, but after that we went to Chick Fil A for lunch and played in the play area. After nap we took a walk in the wagon and swam in the little pool in the backyard. We had cake. We watched Pocoyo. We hung out with family. We laughed and ate and I took lots pictures. We did all the little things I daydreamed about three years ago. I’m not one to write a really long, sentimental post, but I will say this.

I am grateful.

So much.

Happy Birthday, Miles and Abby.