Today has been one of those days that’s just a series of little things.

I had to go to court for a speeding ticket (my fine was reduced for yay for that at least). My hair tie broke. I realized I couldn’t participate in the group ride at the Y because I told Bryan to take the SUV to work. I stopped at Walmart in hopes I’d find a bike rack but none there fit both our cars. I came home and rode myself before I picked the twins up and got my THIRD flat in the last 6 rides. I burned myself cooking dinner.

I was tired and exasperated.

At bathtime I got Miles out of the tub, diaper on, dressed in PJ’s and sent him out of the bathroom to play while I got Abby out. As I was getting the towel ready, he scampered by my, reached his hand into the tub and splashed the water, soaking his shirt sleeve.

No big deal, right?

But I yelled at him.

I yelled at him for splashing in water.

I yelled at him for doing nothing but being a curious toddler who wasn’t even doing anything dangerous.

And he cried, and I felt like an @$$hole, because, well, I was being one.

Not my best mom day.

Sorry buddy.