This morning was like most mornings around our house. Even when I don’t need an alarm my twin alarm goes off about 6:30. I get up, change them and then spend a few minutes chasing them around with shirts or pants in my hand because I likely wasn’t smart enough to have clothes ready right after the diaper. Sometimes they get carried downstairs and sometimes they walk (with help), and then its straight into the highchairs for breakfast. Fill up two milk cups, throw some cereal on the tray. Make 1-2 waffles, cook 4 eggs. Cut up strawberries because Miles has been eating his weight in them lately. Pack my own lunch. Make coffee. Eat my own breakfast – I get to eat half of it if i’m lucky because there are always two little humans who want to share. Put dishes away or load dishwasher. Wipe off stove and counter from egg mess (because there is always egg mess).

Once Miles exclaims “all done!” I know I have a precious few seconds to get him out of the chair before a fit starts. Get him down, wash his tray. Get her down, wash her tray. Refill milk cups for daycare. Chase two toddlers around with shoes and socks (unless I was smart enough to do it while they were in the highchair which happens like 10% of the time. Get daycare bag ready. Give them toothbrushes so they can “brush” (eat toothpaste) their teeth. Put my shoes on. Check my own stuff. Chase two toddlers around so I can get jackets on and get them in the car. Pluck Miles from the slide on the patio and carry him to the car. Drive to daycare.

Abby is my runner so Miles gets out first because I can put him down and he will stay put (most of the time). I’m pulling Abby out of the car and guiding them to the sidewalk when a man walking to his car sneezes. I say “bless you”, because you know, its the polite thing to do. He says, visibly perplexed:

“You have that much stress going on and you take the time to say bless you??? Thank you”.

I am rendered speechless. A rarity, but it happens.

Yes, absolutely having two toddlers can be stressful, and yes there are definitely some days I am counting down the minutes to bed. But sir, what you just witnessed?

That was normal!