Monday 16 mile bike ride. With a short run week I took advantage of the warmer weather and took my bike for a spin. This is my longest ride to date on this bike, and I finally ordered a water bottle cage, tire tubes and a changing kit in case I have a flat so I can start doing longer rides soon!

Tuesday – 4 miles @8:22/mile.

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 3 treadmill miles at 9:32/mile. Miles was home sick (AGAIN) so we watched Pocoyo while I finished my LAST training run. I did this run at this pace on purpose so I could get a feel to start the race slow – I am notorious for starting races too quickly and hating the end of it. When I managed to run the 20 miler without feeling completely wiped at the end because we started slow I knew that no matter how I finished, this was key. (It ended up working a little too well – more on that in the race recap to come)

Friday- rest and travel day

Saturday – RACE DAY! By some miracle, despite 10 days of sickness in my house I stayed healthy! 26.2 miles @9:15 pace. Details to follow soon in my race recap!

Total Miles: 33 running, 49 with biking