I feel like I see advertisements for vitamins and supplements constantly, yet never purchase any. Maybe they make a supplement that will help increase the patience I need for tantruming toddlers? Pretty sure that would be a money maker.

Omega-3 vitamins are nutritional supplements whose ingredients are derived from fish fat. While the source of omega-3 may be off-putting, the benefits to the human body should far outweigh any distaste over the origins. The two key ingredients in omega-3 that excite those in the health care and natural health industries are EPA and DHA. Both are fatty acids that provide many benefits to the human body, including:

Possible reduction in the risk of prostate cancer.
Known as a silent killer of men, prostate cancer can be deadly at its worst, and uncomfortable at its best. Men can do their best to reduce their chances of having prostate cancer by consuming a diet that is low in fat and rich in omega-3 supplements.

Protection against vision loss.
Researchers have recently found that vision problems can be warded off by a regular healthy diet that includes supplementation with an omega-3 vitamin.

Decreased risk of depression.
Whether it’s seasonal, postpartum, or brought about by causes unknown, depression can have devastating emotional and physical effects on the sufferer, as well as the sufferer’s close family members and friends. It’s been thought that a diet high in DHA — that is, a diet with omega-3 supplements — helps to reduce the risk.

Improved mental clarify.
If you struggle with memory issues or “brain fog”, consider giving your brain a healthy, natural clarity booster with an omega-3 supplement.

Possible decreased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Once thought to be an “old person” disease, Alzheimer’s has been found to strike people as young as 50. You can possibly reduce your risk by taking a daily fish oil supplement in the form of an omega-3 or even an omega-6 supplement.

Stronger heart.
It has long been speculated that people who live in or near Japan and China have the least heart problems due to their diets being high in fish. While research is still going strong in this area, most people in the health care industry do believe that an omega-3 supplement is sufficient in helping to protect your heart.

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Anyone take any vitamins/supplements? Do you feel like they make a difference?

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