This morning after breakfast I got the twins down from their high chairs and set them on the floor. From there they ran off into the living room/play palace while I sat on the couch with the cup off coffee I was finally getting to enjoy after mopping dog excrement off the kitchen floor. (stupid dogs) Abby made a beeline for the ball pit, exclaiming “ball!” and then what sounded like “bubble!”. Thinking that this could be a fun moment, went into the kitchen to fetch some bubbles.

Boy, was I right.

Abby, unsurprisingly (she often is happy to run off by herself) had lost interest by this point and was up at the front of the house wrecking some kind of havoc, but I had Miles’ full attention, though mostly because he is fascinated by any container with a cap.

I blew a few bubbles, and this happened:

(forgive the crappy angles, I couldn’t hold the bubbles and the phone so I leaned the phone on a book)

After a few tries I tried to get Abby’s attention by yelling towards the front of the house and Miles does this:

I imagine the conversation as something like “bubbles!” “there are bubbles!” “bubbles!” to which Abby replies “hold on, I am busy running!”

At first, she ignores him, but after a couple of minutes, she joins us: