It is almost taper time! Hooray!

Monday – 6 miles @8:42/mile. It took a little while to warm up on this one. I finally started to get into my groove about halfway through. Some days are better than others.

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – Yoga and 1.5 mile walk with the twins after work. I tried to hit a flying pigeon today, with no avail. My pigeon took a fall.

Thursday 7.5 mies @8:38/mile. I managed a pretty consistent first half and a slightly faster second half, so I consider it a win. Truthfully, I’d kinda hit a point of “I’m sick of following this plan” this week so all of my runs felt a little bleh,

Friday – rest day

Saturday – toddler yoga and 1.75 mile walk with the tantrum-y twins. I call it toddler yoga for a reason, because this:

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do
Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do

Sunday 20 miles @9:34/mile. THE dreaded 20 miler. The big tamale. The one where I downloaded an audiobook so I wouldn’t be bored if I had to run the whole thing by myself. THE LONGEST RUN EVER.

I lucked out! I messaged a running buddy who threw a group together, two of which were willing to run the entire 20 miles with me! As an added bonus, the group run forced me to start out slower, something I am HORRIBLE at alone, and I was able to finish the last mile at an 8:28 pace. Not bad for mile 20! If I can manage to do this on race day, I might, just might, be able to PR. Finally, although it is entirely TMI ( like I care ), I lost my pee in the woods virginity. When you gotta, go, you gotta go. (Actually I took this as a plus because I have a history of being under hydrated more often than not). Anyway, I felt better after this run – the longest run – than I have after most of my long training runs. Goal the next 3 weeks: progression runs. (i.e. start slower, end faster!)

20 DONE!
20 DONE!

3 weeks to go and it is all downhill from here! WOOOOO HOOO!!!

Total Miles: 36.99 (BAH, SERIOUSLY?!? A runners worst nightmare!)