One more week down! It was a rough one.

Monday –  12 miles on bike. it was an unusually warm day, even for South Carolina, so I took my new bike out for another ride instead of running. Since I had just done my craptastic long run the day before, my legs needed the break anyway.

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – yoga. I’d gotten out of the habit the last couple of weeks and boy could I tell. It took a REALLY long time to warm up my muscles – by the time I did, the video was half over.

Thursday – 7 miles @8:48/mile. It was a tough run. I still hadn’t been able to beat this cough that came with the flu (or, I was told when I went back to the doctor the next day that I never had the flu in the first place so who knows) and my lungs and legs just felt heavy. After the run I was sore like I had just done more like 12 miles. Ugh.

Friday – rest day. I went back to the doctor because I had been up all night coughing the last two nights. They gave me some antibiotics. I crossed my fingers.

Saturday – 19 miles @9:33/mile. I honestly wasn’t sure how far I was going to get on this run, considering I’d just been back to the doctor the day before. My plan was to literally take it one mile at a time and “planned” my route so I’d never be more than 4 miles from the house in case I started to feel cruddy. At the last minute, I decided to incorporate the Galloway method and did a 4/1 run/walk for the entire run. I couldn’t enlist any company either so I was on my own. The first half was tougher mentally, the second tougher physically. Around mile 14 my legs really started to get sore and the last few miles were hard, but I finished it and I’m fairly certain the decision to run/walk is what helped.

Sunday – rest day. I had planned to do Yoga today but my legs are still too sore from yesterday.

On the plus side, only one more long run (20 miles) before race day. I just hope I can be recovered by then, because I am sure fighting whatever this sickness is did NOT make this weeks long run any easier.

And I finally registered for the race this week!

5 weeks to go.