Another week bites the dust.

And as an added bonus, my back has been great!

I guess this means I should actually register for this race now.

Monday – 6 miles @ 8:25/mile Nothing fun or unusual to report here, was just a regular old run. It was later in the day though, that I started to feel awfully cruddy.

Tuesday – rest day. If it hadn’t been a rest day, it still would have been a rest day, because I had the flu. I even got to call into work sick. Oh what fun, it is to stay in bed with a fever all daaay HEY!

Wednesday – rest day. It was the flu’s fault.

Thursday – 3.5 mile jog/walk. I was starting to feel semi normal (I could tell because I was getting antsy to move) so the twins and I took an easy jog/walk at an average 10:51/mile (4 min jog/1 min walk)

We ride in style
We ride in style

Friday easy 4.5 miles @ 8:45/mile. Still fighting a cough and had to stop and rest a couple of times. Being sick sucks.

Saturday 12 mile bike ride. Bryan was finally able to get my pedals off of my hybrid bike and it was like, 65 degrees out, so I got to take the new one for a spin! Weeeee!!!

Sunday 13 miles 12.5 miles @ 8:42/mile Oh my goodness. This was the WORST and most inconsistent run I’ve had in a LONG time. I ran with a group and made the mistake of going out too fast, especially because I had been sick earlier in the week. I had miles ranging from 8:00/mile to 9:24/mile and I stopped to walk at least once per mile the last 4-5 miles. All I wanted to do was be done. I wanted to be done so bad I didn’t care we were finishing at the car a half a mile short. I just It was the kind of run that made me question why the hell I’m training for a marathon. Ugh. I was more tired after this run than the 18 miles (including 5k I actually raced) last week.

19 miles on schedule for next long run, so best put that one behind me.

6 weeks to go!

Total Miles: 26.5 running/12 biking