Life with toddlers seems to mean that you plan to not have a plan.

I planned to fully decorate the house, but of course that didn’t happen. At least we got the tree up, so I figure that counts for something.

The twins were definitely more interested in Christmas this year than last year but they are still more into doing their own thing. Next year I think they’ll start REALLY getting it, but that isn’t to say this year wasn’t fun – it was “we have toddlers” (not meant as a complaint) fun.

It wasn’t entirely their fault but the presents sat unopened under the tree until nearly 4:00. I’d had the gate blocking the room so they couldn’t get to the tree but decided to unblock it for the day and let them explore.

I thought they might be excited to rip open some paper this year, but alas we still ended up doing the majority of the unwrapping. Miles, actually, had a totally different idea of what he wanted to do:

My parents got them this super cute set of radio flyer bike/riding toys, and I imagined they’d hop on an take a joy ride. Nope.

Miles says I'll sit on it, but that's it.  Abby says nope, I'll play with this ball
Miles says I’ll sit on it, but that’s it.
Abby says nope, I’ll play with this ball

Miles did get a kick out of the new car track and toy vacuum for a few minutes.  Abby, a girl taking after my own heart, just wanted to eat chocolate.

Vroom vroom
Vroom vroom
I got this mess
I got this mess. Note the chocolate on Abby’s face.

We did manage to get a decent family picture, as decent as two toddlers will allow 🙂

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

The hit of the evening though was the sandbox new ball pit. It really was MEANT to be a sandbox for the back yard but since ball pit #1 and #2 both deflated I threw the ball pit balls in there instead and you’d have thought we threw a million dollars in there. 5 or 6 NEW toys completely discarded in favor of a turtle full of plastic balls. Maybe we should have just given them cardboard boxes 🙂


They even got a little upset when we closed it

Probably not winning mom of the year for that video, but it makes me laugh.

Merry Christmas everyone!