I was so proud of myself last year – with two 7 month old babies we not only managed to get the tree up a month before Christmas but all the outside and inside decorations too.

Enter a year later, with two 19 month old toddlers. Granted, there have been a few other kinks in the chain, such as Bryan’s work schedule, going through the process of changing jobs, and now a bout with the flu (yay me), but lets talk about what did  did not get accomplished THIS year.

We have NO outside decorations.

The tree was put up 8 days before Christmas.

There is still a box of ornaments sitting on a nearby table that never made it on the tree.

We have a few inside decorations….kinda.

Two stocking holders made it onto the counter, but no actual stockings.

All blocked off by a lovely play yard gate.

You win some, you lose some, but I am still thankful. Plus, it makes for a funny story, which I am always a fan of.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone,