You’d think by the 3rd go round I’d remember that trying to train for a marathon during the holidays is exhausting, but perhaps I’m driven by visions of all the cookies, chocolate and fudge I can eat guilt free. It wouldn’t be the first time chocolate has driven my motivation.

Monday – I broke my no running back to back rule this week because i knew that in order to get 6 miles on Tuesday I’d have to get up at 515am and run it on the treadmill. No, thank you. 3 easy miles today because my back felt tight. Ugh. I had a FABULOUS massage later, though, and the chiropractor gave me a complimentary adjustment. Win.

Tuesday – 3 treadmill miles. I ran without  my orthotics today, and didn’t notice any tinging in my leg.

Wednesday – I had planned to do yoga but honestly was exhausted, so I took a rest day.

Thursday – 7.5 miles The first few miles felt awesome, and then the characteristic tingling happened again around mile 5. ARG. The last two were uneventful, thankfully. I should note that I was running in my orthotics this time. By the time I was at the end of the day at work, I felt what I can only describe as pressure in my lower back. After the twins went to bed I hung on the inversion table for a few minutes and used the massager on my hamstring and pyriformis muscles. Huge help

Friday – rest day

Saturday – This weeks long run ended up split into an interesting combination. As I mentioned last week, Bryan is now teaching on Saturdays. I signed up for a 5k a few weeks ago and my sister so nicely offered to watch the twins since they were calling for rain (I had originally planned to push them). So my run was split like this:

1.7 mile warm up before race (honestly I was just trying to log as much as possible) at 8:44/mile

3.1 mile 5k race at 7:27/mile (I almost threw up at the end, for real)

.75 mile cool down at 8:55/mile

Pick up twins from my sisters, take them home and feed them lunch. Put them down for a nap.

8 torturous miles on the treadmill at 9:22/mile. Took a water and inversion break at 4 miles. Streamed Gilmore Girls on netflix to kill the hamster wheel boredom.

4.5 miles outside when Bryan got home (luckily right after I finished the 8 miles) at 8:50/mile

And NO leg tingling!! (and no orthotics….hmmm)

I mean, you do what you gotta do, right?

Sunday – I worked at a nursing home this morning and quite frankly, am still exhausted. I had planned to do some yoga today but may just end up doing some stretching and take another rest day. I am seriously pooped. Other than some muscle soreness though my back feels great! yay!

Total miles: 31.5