In my previous training I only wrote about my long runs. This time around I’d like to include a little about them all.

(I consider my training week to encompass Sunday-Saturday)

Sunday – yoga. With toddlers its difficult to get out to run/bike AND yoga, so I practice from the comfort of my living room. This particular week since Bryan’s parents were in town I just took my mat to the front of the house and let them wander around (supervised by Bryan’s parents of course), which meant I was interrupted a few times, but that was ok. Miles loves to squat down while I’m in downward dog, turn his head and say “hi!” and Abby came over for a few hugs while I was resting in pigeon pose. I like them to see what I’m doing sometimes because I hope one day they’ll say “we want to try!”. This weeks practice involved a forearm stand, which I can currently only do with at least one foot against the wall. One day I hope to accomplish this without any help. By the time Sunday rolls around, after the week is over, I’m really looking forward to the relaxation and stretching that comes with Yoga.

Monday – intervals. I did 6 miles total, with a 1.5 mile warm up and cool down. My interval was a 5k at .25 miles as fast as possible followed by .25 miles recovery. I PR’ed my post baby 5k time during this workout! (23:25)

Wednesday – the original plan was another day of yoga and weights, but it was warm enough outside that I decided to hop on the bike instead. I got an early start on a foggy day which turned out to be not very well thought out since it was both dark and, well, foggy. The fog might not have been a big deal if I hadn’t been wearing my glasses that morning. Oh well, lesson learned.


Thursday – 8 mile run. My left hamstring has not been thrilled with me so I took it easy.

Saturday – long run. After I told my chiropractor about the tingling in my leg last week, he admitted it might be too soon for this kind of mileage (decreased range of motion on my joint could be causing some nerve pinching), so unfortunately the training is still hanging a little. My actual “plan” calls for a half marathon this week but I decided I wanted to try to make it a bit easier on myself by making the LONG long runs every other week hoping it would give my back enough time to recover, so I skipped ahead a week and did the 17 miler. My back felt off all week and I honestly thought I’d have to bail early. A neighbor so kindly offered to run 10 with me, and we stopped a couple times so I was able to stretch. We got back to his house at 11.5 miles for me and I felt ok so I decided to keep on with the last 5.5. I purposely hopped up a sidewalk near the end to see what would happen and yup, still tingling, and it happened again when I stopped. It was BETTER this time, but not gone, so I am not sure what this means for this race. Bryan agreed to massage my hamstrings and pyriformis after the twins went down and I’m planning to stretch frequently to see if it will help. For now, I’m paying close attention to my body and am going to keep on keeping on. Since I switched the weeks next week calls for 13, which yes, is still long, but compared to 17 is much more doable.

I’ve rested as much as possible today and I feel a little tight, but otherwise ok.

One day at at time.