Microblog_MondaysIn college I was obsessed with my calendar. Every class, appointment, workout, test and assignment was written in that small book. I carried it with me everywhere.

I don’t have assignments and projects to keep track of anymore, but there is just something about a planner that I love. Many things actually. The blank pages in a new week, multi colored pens, checklists, you name it.

A friend of mine introduced me to Erin Condren life planners a few months ago and I found myself being sucked in, but secretly enjoying the ability to physically pen my plans into something. And every Sunday or Monday I pull out my little bag and write and decorate until my hearts content. I don’t get into it quite as much as some, but here’s a little glimpse into my world.


plannerIf you missed it, here is my Sweet Tea Half Marathon recap from yesterday 🙂