There is never enough of it, it goes way too quickly, and yet it seems to be at the root of most of my worry.

Get the twins to bed on time. Get to work on time. Get up so I can have time to exercise. When was the last time the dogs were walked? Am I spending too much time working? Do I spend enough time with my husband? I spend too much time online. Do I give the twins enough one on one time? Do I let them spend too much time playing together/alone? Should I be spending more time reading to them? Who has time for the animals anymore? Do I spend too much time exercising and not enough time on my family? It has been a long time that those baby clothes have been gathered upstairs. Has it really been that much time since they fit into these? Time flew by and somehow they are 18 months already. I feel bad complaining about time when I know there are others, and I once was one, who would take my time worries in a heartbeat.

How do I spend less time worrying about time, and more time using it wisely?