Recently, Miles has shown a real interest in the stroller. Now that he’s really figured out what it means, I’ve noticed that he begins to get excited when I walk over to it. A couple of days ago, he walked over there himself and started to roll it back and forth. My dad stuck him in it and wheeled him around the house, but he cried when he realized he wasn’t going outside.

As a fitness fanatic myself, this makes me very happy.

This morning. I went over to the front door to lock it and he followed me. He cried when he realized we weren’t walking/running, so I promised him we would when we got home. Keeping true to my promise I loaded them up as soon as we got home, and they babbled together the whole time.

I’m happy to know that it looks like I’ll always have at least one fitness buddy.

He even channeled his inner Richard Simmons.

Who can argue with a tiny Richard Simmons? 1-2-3-4
Who can argue with a tiny Richard Simmons? 1-2-3-4