We’ve reached a point now where I am not exactly sure how to answer when people ask me how old they are. After some trial and error, I say “almost a year and a half.”


Gross Motor

Even though Abby didn’t even start walking until a month ago, she is already running like a champ. Miles plays around with walking backwards, which is pretty funny. Abby contemplates it, but that’s about as far as she goes. She walks on her tip toes sometimes, and watches herself.

When I thought about them walking, I thought the part that made me the most nervous was the running. I was wrong. It is the climbing. While neither has figured out quite how to climb on the couch yet, Abby is getting there, and they have both figured out how to climb onto the side table from the couch to reach half full glasses of water, iPhones, remotes, and my pop tarts (which they subsequently run off with, giggling).

Fine Motor

Not much new here. We get tons of I’ll hold the spoon in this hand and eat my applesauce with my other hand, because you know, that seems logical. Miles started pushing the toy cars around and Abby isn’t happy unless the book in front of her is a flip book of some kind that she can use two fingers to, well, flip. Bryan said he’s almost reaching the doorknobs, so we can’t be far from those super annoying child AND adult proof doorknob safety covers.

Speech and Language

Lots more imitating lately. As an example, Abby has said hug, hot, dun dun (imitating Bryan singing the Jaws theme). Miles has said ball and we go back and forth with this “ma!” “what?” “ma!” “what?” routine that cracks him up. Abby can pick out the dog, cat and heart puzzle pieces and will sometimes touch her nose after me. Miles runs away. Maybe he’s scared of my nose. They’ve started learning how to “comfort”. Sometimes I will pick Abby up and she will rub or pat my arm. Both will lean in for a kiss periodically, and come running for hugs often, which I certainly can’t complain about.


We’ve finally moved out of (most) 12 month clothes. Miles is now wearing 18-24 months. Abby wears mostly 18, but can still fit in some 12. Miles has a couple canine teeth breaking through, along with 2.5 molars. Abby has all 4 molars and (finally) both lower lateral incisors. They sleep through the night more often than not, going to bed between 7:30-8 and waking up between 6-7.


  • Shoes – getting shoes out makes them both giggle
  • “Throw the boy/girl” (onto the bed)
  • The ball pit
  • iPhone charging cords
  • Walks in the wagon or stroller
  • Brushing teeth
  • Pocoyo (always)
  • Throwing milk cups off of trays (sigh)
  • Tantrums (at least it seems that way sometimes!)


  • Diaper/clothes changes (Miles)
  • Getting faces wiped
  • When the TV is transitioning between the Baby Einstein intro and the actual show
  • The vacuum (Miles)

Picture overload time!

  • I finally finish my tattoo
A pink and blue foot for each of my little ones :)
A pink and blue foot for each of my little ones 🙂
  • Miles enjoys some cereal
I eat all the cocoa puffs
I eat all the cocoa puffs
  • He takes a nap on grandpa
Zzzzzz on my grandpa pillow
  • Abby hoards remotes
*I* control the TV
  • We run our first stroller mile after a long, hot winter
One and done.
  • Miles sports some cool pajamas
The many faces of skele-boy
The many faces of skele-boy
  • Abby finally has enough hair for a clip
I feel pretty
I feel pretty
  • Miles is so thirsty his throat is bone dry
Skeletons get thirsty too
Skeletons get thirsty too
  • We cruise the mall
Cruisin the mall
Cruisin the mall
Stroller footsie
Stroller footsie
  • We enjoy a nice day at the pool….in October
Welcome to Charleston in October
Welcome to Charleston in October
  • Miles lets me know how he really feels about my dinner selection
This is bullshit
This is bullshit

And some videos

  • Abby discovers her shadow (quality isn’t great – but listen for giggle near the end)
  • Miles walks in style
  • Abby giggles