Oh my goodness. Remember how I mentioned both twins had a fever? Well, in addition to that, mother nature decided this would be a great time for Miles to start cutting THREE teeth (both top canines and a molar) at.the.same.time.

Needless to say, there were a few tantrums. A list of my favorites.

Ten Teething Toddler Tantrums (yes, this is similar to reasons why my son is crying, sans pictures)

1. I picked him up.

2. I put him down.

3. I tried to hand him a ball.

4. I offered him some frozen yogurt.

5. He finished the frozen yogurt.

6. I made him stop playing in the dog food.

7. I tried to dry him off after I took him out of the bathtub.

8. The TV screen turned black for 5 seconds while a new Baby Einstein started (actually, that may have been Abby).

9. I wouldn’t let him eat nail clippers.

10. I tried to offer him a teether.

Don’t be jealous 🙂