Periodically I like to participate in the Finish This posts. I missed the one over Labor Day that talked about jobs, namely what is your current job and your dream job? I’m very fortunate to enjoy my job, but if I ever were to consider a career change, would probably look for something along the lines of Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine or nursing.

I have no plans to change jobs anytime soon, if ever, but considering I’m having difficulty finding even a weeks’ time to attend a Lactation Counselor class, I can’t imagine the schedule shift that would be required if I decided to change careers altogether. More and more online programs for various degrees are popping up as technology changes and improves.

In addition to doctors, nurses, technicians, and other skilled hands-on caretakers, hospitals and clinics also need to hire more people who can process data and keep track of statistics related to this profession. If you are drawn to patient care, yet lack the talent to provide medical services firsthand, you can join the informatics aspects of this profession. You can also offer your potential employer exceptional skills and knowledge when you pursue an advanced education like a health informatics online degree.
Some traditional brick and mortar schools do not yet offer this program, which is why it can definitely benefit you to check out your online options for this plan of study. Virtual programs will offer you the accredited and quality courses that you need to get the knowledge for this field. Your instructors most likely will be experienced workers themselves and have extensive health informatics knowledge to bring to your virtual classroom.

In addition to getting an accredited education, you also may prefer the flexibility that comes with this type of learning. Going to a regular brick and mortar school demands that you change your work schedule, cut back on your hours, or even quit your job altogether in order to attend classes on campus. If you love your job or need to work to support your family, you may be unable to accommodate these demands. Rather than forgo this opportunity, you can get the flexibility you need to be successful when you enroll online. You can schedule your classes to match your availability right now and avoid having to take time away from your job and your earnings.

If you are a working parent or a student who has limited means, you can also rest assured that you can use the same financial resources as traditional on-campus students. You can fill out an online financial aid application and indicate that you want your approved funds to go to your virtual college to pay for your tuition. Any money that you have left over after your tuition is paid can be used to buy your books and study materials. This financial resource lets you have the same advantage that should come with pursuing a higher education. You avoid having to drain your savings or having to borrow money from friends and loved ones to pay for your education and materials.

I’m generally more traditional when it comes to schooling, but couldn’t help but think I might be drawn to online degrees if it were an option with small children and a current job.

What is your opinion on online degrees?