So I’m officially 32. I just chose the title I chose because “My 32nd Birthday” didn’t seem all that interesting (because, really, it isn’t).

I still get excited about my birthday.

I hope I always do.

I started the day with a picture request – one like last year where I’m holding both Abby and Miles.

31st birthday - August 19, 2013 (twins are 3 months)
31st birthday – August 19, 2013 (twins are 3 months)

This year was a bit different.

They were much more cooperative at 3 months
They were much more cooperative at 3 months – but we got it.

We re-enrolled the twins in daycare and yesterday (my birthday) was their first day back. We kept them home for breakfast and dropped them off about 930, then Bryan and I spent a few hours together. We perused the outlet mall and bought them some shoes, me some workout clothes and he some shirts. After that we both got a pedicure where I was allowed to sit in the chair and soak my feet in the warm water for almost a half hour. I got an extra long massage and a large glass of wine. We had a quick lunch after I did the nerdiest thing of all – visited a sports store to have my running gait evaluated. There, they videotaped my running and recommended shoes based on the way I run. I got to walk out of there with a shiny new pair of running shoes.

On the way to dinner we stopped and picked the twins up from daycare. Bryan managed to get some friends to come that I hadn’t seen in awhile and it was really nice to catch up. The twins were a bit cranky and Abby didn’t want to leave my lap, so I enjoyed the cuddles while we talked (and shared my french fries).

Celebrations are definitely different now, but in a good way. It was a great day. I looked back at the pictures often. I can’t believe how fast time has flown.

A side by side comparison
A side by side comparison

Bring it on, year 32. πŸ™‚