Last week Bryan and I were having one of our important (ridiculous) conversations. It was so important I can’t even remember the topic. We are pretty “free” with our language – in other words, a swear word or two (*cough*) has been known to escape our mouths. I was reminded of an Instagram post regarding the combination of noun + swear/swear + noun, resulting in hilarious words such as @sshat. After some back and forth requiring the use of the most creative parts of our brains, Bryan says:

“Do you think we will ever grow up?”

I chuckled. Then I thought about it for a minute. The older the twins get the more I realize the kind of impact our words and actions have. Sometimes the heaviness of the responsibility weighs on me. When I start to feel stress I typically do one of two things as an immediate reaction: turn grumpy or make a joke.  Grumpiness isn’t going to help anyone. I appreciate humor and like to hang around people who can crack and/or take (bonus if both) a joke. Honestly, I hope Abby and Miles can too.

I had just finished dressing Abby and put her down to explore while I put clothes on Miles. Soon I began to hear the all too familiar grunting. Coupled with the fact that she was stationary and her face was turning slightly pink, I was pretty sure what was happening.

Me: “Of course I just changed her, and now she is pooping.”

Bryan: “How do you know she is pooping?”

I describe to him something similar to the paragraph above.

Bryan: “Oh.”

Me: “1 – 2 -3 not it!”

In the end I finished changing Miles and went to fetch Abby to change her (again) because Bryan was doing school work. As I’m changing her Bryan says, “oh so she was poopy?”. “Yes”, I say.

He apologizes.

I ask why he is apologizing.

“Because you used the 1 – 2 – 3 not it rule”

As for growing up?

1 – 2 – 3 not it.