I’m having one of those weeks where I’m having trouble putting together a blog post. I hate leaving things unfinished so instead of having several unfinished drafts I simply never start one. The problem is I have a couple things I’m thinking about that I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on.

I’m thinking about changing my blog. The title just doesn’t seem to fit what I write about – perhaps because I seem to write about a little of everything: parenting, running, yoga, swimming ( or I suppose exercise and fitness in general), twins, infertility, music etc. I don’t necessarily want to place ads on it but I’d like to have an Amazon affiliate account I can use to link my Speech/toy posts to. Bryan said he can help me but I’m not sure if its worth all the hassle. The biggest issue is that I am completely blanking on a name.

I’m thinking about selling/giving away all the baby stuff. Somehow  even though I’m 99.9% sure I do not want to pursue any more infertility treatments, I’m still having trouble letting go.

I’m thinking about entering a sprint Triathalon. Since more cross training has been recommended and I’ve been biking, and more recently swimming more in general I thought it could be a fun thing to cross off my list. I’m fairly sure I could swim well enough to finish that part without collapsing, but nervous about open water swims, and for whatever reason just indecisive.

I hate it when I’m indecisive.