Fifty One. Sigh.

Their little personalities are blooming.

Miss Abby is feisty and impatient (I dunno anyone like that *cough cough*).  When she wants her food she WANTS IT NOW. She is also incredibly sweet. This past week or two she has started picking up a book and “reading” it.  The.cutest.thing.ever.  She has officially weaned and quit entirely cold turkey. She nursed one day and refused that night and then every feed after that. She hasn’t pulled up to stand again since that day in her crib, but uses my fingers to help herself stand quite a bit. She will hit her one year mark and not be walking, but the range is normal is quite large (like 9-16 months) so that is ok. What she lacks physically she makes up for socially and I think fine motor wise, too. She will feed herself using a fork or spoon as long as I put the food on it first. She is constantly sharing her food. That fifth tooth finally popped in.

Miles is just happy. Well, except for a few days this week before a new tooth popped in. (He has 7 now) He is also semi fearless. He pulls up to stand like its his job and has started cruising on the furniture. He will also likely hit the one year mark and not be walking, but I have a feeling it won’t be long. He is still nursing but only 1-2x a day. He isn’t as huge of a fan of cows milk and so takes about a 50/50 mix with whats left in the freezer. He likes to swipe his hands over the tray and send food everywhere when he is done eating, and periodically drop some for the dogs.

Both LOVE baths, which is good because they get quite sticky during mealtimes and daily ones are a must. During playtime we mostly keep them in the back family room with gates. When we “let them out” you can practically hear them scream FREEDOM!!!! With a room full of toys a mere 30 feet away they crawl down the hall to the front living room and dining room to play with nothing. LOL. They bang on the floors and coffee table and have a blast doing so. They chase each other, too and that is pretty cute. They also enjoy crawling among the rooms upstairs. Afternoon naps can be hit or miss so I wouldn’t be surprised if we drop to one nap over the next few weeks.

We had their one year professional pictures taken this week. Miles decided to pop a tooth and was uncharacteristically grumpy. Of course. But our photographer rocks and I’m sure managed to get some cute ones.

I slacked a bit on the pics this week, but I’m sure I’ll overcompensate when their party comes around.

  • Miles shows off the pajamas I couldn’t resist buying
Oh snap! It's time for bed
Oh snap! It’s time for bed
  • Abby reads a bath book
And then the lion said...
And then the lion said…
  • And enjoys a cracker snack
One for me and one for me
One for me and one for me
  • We finally calm down for this pic (perhaps not surprisingly)
The only pic I managed to get because I was too busy trying to distract them for the others
The only pic I managed to get because I was too busy trying to distract them for the others