It has been a fun week this week.

The babies are still clingy. Happy as clams until I put them down. If I manage to get them distracted with toys, I still have to be careful not to walk by too closely. If they see me, it is all over. It’s even difficult for me to *sit* near them and try to play along, because Abby still tries to then crawl into my lap (though its still cute). They are definitely drinking less milk. I started noticing a drop almost a month ago when daycare started sending home milk they hadn’t finished. I thought it was due to teething or an illness, or thought maybe it was just a phase. Once this week though literally half the milk came home. It sent me into a bit of a tizzy at first but considering we are only about 8 weeks from turning one (eeeeeek!!) and weaning anyway, it seems like a natural progression.

Miles is now able to stand and play while only holding on with one hand. Abby stood at the ballapalooza and shuffled over a couple steps. They still don’t react well when I put them up against the couch to see if they will cruise though. Miles has started planking and it looks hilarious. I’m not sure if this is a prerequisite to something or not, but either way its cute. They have begun to get visibly excited at bedtime when I pull out a book. I’ve started putting both in cribs and then read a book or two switching from baby to baby every couple of pages. The reading also includes some tickles. They love it.

The three of us ran our second 5k and this time I pushed them in the stroller for the whole run. We also went a friends birthday party and discovered the wonder of veggie straws.

And, picture time!

  • We are athletes
We win again!
We win again!
  • Miles gets in touch with his inner monster
Grrr, I am a monster
Grrr, I am a monster
  • Abby goes behind bars
Let me out! This is injustice!
Let me out! This is injustice!
  • She offers to help clean
I will dust you
I will dust you
  • This is a big shock but she wants some of my lollipop
Nom nom nom
how many licks?
  • She sends her first text message
I think that's code for "I'm cute"
I think that’s code for “I’m cute”
  • Finally, she takes on cup drinking head on
Cup drinking - I got this
Pun intended