While still muddling through infertility and then when pregnant with the twins, one of the things that always cheered me up was thinking of the first race I would run with them in what was sure to be a ridiculously expensive and large jogging stroller. (Before the pregnancy I imagined a single stroller – obviously that changed once we saw the first ultrasound).

Technically they participated in their first a few weeks ago when I ran the Ashley Ridge Foxtrot. My dad pushed them and walked and I jogged them in the last half mile or so. I failed to mention that despite my injury my competitive edge kicked in at the end, I sprinted the last .1 and ended up with a tight feeling back and butt for a few days afterwards. Oops. Luckily it didn’t cause any long lasting damage and even after I admitted my mistake I wasn’t banned from running or racing in the future.

Most people would probably think I was crazy but I actually looked forward to running the entire race with the two of them. We hung out with a couple friends beforehand and then made our way to the start. We had to start in the back with the “walkers/strollers” and I had a bit of difficulty navigating through at first but it wasn’t long before we found a hole and a pace I felt relatively comfortable with. We got lots of cheers and aw, how cute’s (the babies, not me….shock, I know) and even one man who commented that he “felt demoralized” (sorry dude – not really) being passed by stroller.

The babies were pros, chowed down on healthy food muffins and Abby even did some cheering along the way. “Da da da da da” she said. I tried to correct her in my breathless state that it was in fact, ma ma ma ma that was pushing her right then but it was to no avail. I even promised more muffin. Da da da da she said. Oh well.

In the end I finished 82nd and 6th out of 7 in my age group with a time of 27:18. I was the first stroller though. I think next year I’ll vie for a stroller division.

And a huge congrats to Megan who PR’ed her 5k today! Keep going Megan!