I got the OK to run my first post injury 5k a couple of weeks ago. I ran this one two years ago and PR’d, but of course this was before the babies and only a couple weeks after running my 2nd marathon. My parents drove in town for the weekend so my dad came along and registered to walk with the babies. My instructions per the chiropractor were to “make sure I’m running with my toes forward, and don’t try to break any records or anything”. Considering I’m only up to 3.5 miles, I wasn’t anticipating any records. Frankly, I was just happy to race again.

The race itself was small, but one of my favorites from a couple years ago because at the end you got a free chick fil a chicken biscuit (that’s why I run really, you know – free food). The route is just around a high school campus and the money benefits their sports programs.  The weather was chilly but good for running, and best of all I didn’t have any problems with  my joint or butt during the run. I ran the 5k alone and circled around again to find my dad. Unfortunately, he was the only walker, so he himself didn’t finish, but I walked with him a bit and then jogged the babies in.

I shared my biscuit with Miss Abby at the finish and then reached for a scone. Two bites in she stole it from me and ate it herself. She’s like a baby garbage disposal.

I finished 22nd out of 59 with a time of 25:15. Really the best part was watching Abby chow down on an orange cranberry scone. There is another 5k in a couple weeks that I’m thinking about running and pushing the stroller the whole way.

It’s good to be back….again.